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Taban Composite Company (private held co) aims to help various industries by providing knowledge enterprise solutions to deal with the destructive phenomenon of corrosion, including environmental, chemical and biological corrosion, reducing maintenance costs, producing special composite parts, etc.and it is always trying to provide engineered and optimal solutions in various sectors of the industry, including consulting , design, engineering, production, supply of raw materials and aftersales services.

As an R-EPC company with a knowledge enterprise approach, its services include research (R), design and engineering (E), procurement (P), construction and implementation (C) in the field of material and polymer engineering, production Engineered composite products include all types of tanks, connections and integrated and advanced composite parts, providing tools, composite industry raw materials and surface protection coatings including corrosion, abrasion, UV and fire resistant coatings.

Services offered at Taban Composite Company:

⦁ Design and production of GRP, GRVE and FRP composite tanks, including all types of horizontal, vertical and cubic storage and pressure tanks.

⦁ Design and production of GRP, GRVE and FRP connections

⦁ Applying internal and external coatings on all types of surfaces including concrete, metal and thermoplastics

⦁ Consulting and providing advanced and engineered solutions to deal with environmental, chemical and biological corrosion

⦁ Innovator and producer of composite tapping saddles for instant branching of pipelines without the need to interrupt fluid flow.

⦁ Designing and manufacturing tanks, pipes and double-walled fittings PVC+FRP, CPVC+FRP, PVDF+FRP and… for special applications

⦁ Designing and manufacturing special and integrated FRP composite parts as a case study and based on customer needs

⦁ Reverse engineering of FRP, GRP, GRV composite products produced by foreign companies

Design and engineering capabilities:

The engineering department of Taban Composite Company, by using experts in this field of science related to the production of GRP products, including mechanical designs and engineering of the raw materials of products in different chemical conditions, has the ability to design reference projects based on the latest standards of the day. designs and prepares and presents the required engineering documents, also product modeling is done in CATIA, SOLID WORKS and AUTO CAD software, and based on the customer’s needs, stress analysis is done using the finite element method can also be done in ANSYS and ABAQUS software .